A few weeks back, I got the chance to SCOOP with Deborah DePasquale, founder and owner of TOGA Heritage, and learn the significance of the beautiful windows that have been welcoming us to her new store since TOGA’s opening this past summer. If you know Deborah, you know that EVERYTHING she does is done with intention. I asked her a few questions about her new location, her unique window display, and how it all ties into her vision of the TOGA brand.

Deborah explained that there were so many important businesses and organizations that have called 322 Broadway their home prior to TOGA’s arrival. A few include Schrade’s Posie Peddler and the Congress Hall Ballroom, the space which is part of TOGA’s current dressing room.

Deborah shared that she worked with the Saratoga Preservation Foundation, the History Museum and Katie Dobies Photography to showcase images that represent who came before TOGA, and to announce TOGA’s presence there in this current historical location.

TOGA focuses on health and history, with health being more important than ever this year. She has done everything possible to reopen while continuing to provide her customers the safe shopping experience that they are accustomed to. Her homage to Saratoga’s history focuses on where TOGA has come from, celebrates where they are, and champions where they’re going.

TOGA Heritage’s storefront is located at 322 Broadway, at the corner of Broadway and Spring Street. The bright, beautiful space is the perfect home for TOGA’s wide selection of classic gifts and home goods that allow her customers to continue making and keeping traditions. For more information on TOGA Heritage or to check out a selection of TOGA’s products, visit https://togaheritage.com .

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