This week I chatted with Megan Druckman, owner of Lola Saratoga. With brick and mortar stores in Saratoga Springs and Albany New York, in addition to a thriving retail site, Megan’s motto is “something old, something new.” And when it comes to the old, she is surely an expert. From sourcing from top industry brokers, to Lola’s additional multi-point inspection and third-party authentication process, Megan was the perfect resource to give us some guidance on buying designer vintage.

Megan shared the first three things she looks for to ensure the authenticity of a Chanel bag (one of her most sought after designers). She first looks for neat, consistent stitching. On counterfeit products, the stitching is sloppy, and is easy to spot with a trained eye. She then looks for a serial seal. Although a sticker residue can sometimes be an indicator of authenticity (for bags made after 1980), 99% of the Chanel bags sold at LOLA have the sticker. Lastly, she looks for a serial card that matches the serial sticker inside the bag. Although many end up losing their serial cards, it’s always a great indicator of authenticity.

She also shared additional general tips for buying vintage accessories:

  • If it’s too inexpensive, it’s likely too good to be true.
  • Make sure the seller is domestic and has an authenticity guarantee.
  • Avoid 3rd party platforms like eBay, Tradesy and Poshmark. They have few regulations to ensure authenticity.

Megan mentioned that if you’re ever doubting the authenticity of your pre-loved handbag, Lola is always happy to authenticate your item in-store. For details on Lola’s store locations, or to check out their huge selection of vintage and contemporary bags and accessories, click here.

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