This week, Tonya and Nate Robinson of Max Level Fitness & Training of Saratoga Springs, NY shared the basics of the TABATA workout method, and four simple moves you can do at home.

TABATA is a high impact interval training method, that alternates high intensity exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10. TABATA intervals keep your metabolism high for up to 36 hours post work-out, according to Tonya!

In The SCOOP video above, Nate shared four different moves that can be used in a TABATA workout and that can easily be done at home with a TABATA timer (many different apps can provide this). He also showed a slightly modified (easier) version of each.

Max Level Fitness & Athletics specializes in adult functional fitness & youth athletic training. For more information on their training options or to take advantage of one of their virtual workouts, visit their website at .

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