When I sat down with Anders Mattson of Anders Mattson Golf of Saratoga Springs, NY, he went through several of the most common swing “mistakes” that golfers make. And one sounded particularly familiar to me. In today’s SCOOP, Anders walks you through what exactly a “shank shot” is, and a quick drill you can do to fix it and improve your golf game.

WHAT IS A SHANK SHOT AND WHY DO WE DO IT? A shank is when you hit the ball with the “hosel” (a term new to me as well… see diagram in video) instead of the club face. It is caused by swinging out to in, in to out, or standing too far from the ball.

HOW CAN WE FIX IT? Anders recommends practicing driving with a pool noodle. Yes, that’s right. By placing your ball between the noodle and your body, it helps you to swing parallel to “the shank line”, decreasing your likelihood of SHANKING the ball.

Anders Mattson is owner and founder of Anders Mattson Golf. AMG provides golf coaching services to the Saratoga Springs and surrounding communities, including year-round coaching from their state-of-the-art Saratoga Golf Studio. The studio utilizes Trackman technology, a radar-based system, that helps you to see contact patterns and eliminate some of those embarrassing shots. More information about the coaching programs available at Anders Mattson Golf can be found at .

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