This week, I got a chance to chat with Gordon Sacks, founder and CEO of 9 Miles East. Gordon (oh so passionately) described the many ways that their meal delivery service and new dining room at 64 Excelsior Ave. in Saratoga Springs, NY help busy people stay healthy.

What I loved so much about my conversation with Gordon is that he is so enthusiastic about the health benefits of 9 Miles East’s foods. Five specific things they’re doing to keep us super healthy include:

  1. USE A RAINBOW OF COLORS. They intentionally use a rainbow of bright vegetables in their meals to provide the body with powerful antioxidants that keep you healthy while being delicious.
  2. THEY USE LOTS OF WHOLE GRAINS. They’re filling you up with nourishing whole grains that help you perform better, including wild rice blends, quinoa, among others.
  3. THEY LACTO-FERMENT VEGETABLES. These now-probiotic vegetables are very healthy for you and improve digestion.
  4. THEY USE SOURDOUGH. Sourdough not only provides nutrient absorption, but it makes their rolls and pizza crusts puffy and delicious.
  5. THEY PROVIDE “TO-GO BAGS” OF FRESHLY-PICKED VEGGIES. This makes it as easy as possible for you to bring “straight-from-the-farm” local veggies back home.

To learn more about the nutritional benefits of 9 Miles East’s meals, or to check out what tasty foods they’re serving up today, visit their new dining room at 64 Excelsior Ave, Saratoga Springs, or at http://www.9mileseast.com .

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  1. […] I was inspired by the plight of local farmers having to get rid of unused produce due to the pandemic. My knowledge as a physician, and experience as a mom led me to the idea for Seedlings Baby Food, which uses farm-fresh produce as the source for excellent nutrition for infants. 9 Miles East Farm is not only our first farm partner, but also serves as our manufacturer, co-packer and business mentor. (Watch 9 Miles East on The SCOOP!) […]

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