This week we SCOOPED with Kirsten Lambert, owner of the new store Tailgate and Party here in Saratoga Springs, NY. “What are you thinking, opening a party store in the middle of a pandemic?”, people ask. “YOU CAN STILL HAVE FUN”, she says, even if we can’t gather in large groups. Here, she shares five ways.

  1. BRING THE TAILGATE HOME! Pick up some of your favorite football team merchandise and have fun with your family and friends while watching the game!
  2. MOVE GAME NIGHT OUTSIDE! This year, game night is moving outside! There are plenty of lawn and outdoor games for all ages! Spikeball, lawn JENGA, and Tiki Toss are just a few of the many options available at the store!
  3. HOST A SMALL OKTOBERFEST! Invite a few friends over, grab some of your favorite local beers and pick up some beer-tasting merchandise and Oktoberfest party gifts!
  4. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Gatherings don’t need to be big and fancy. Grab a cooler or thermos, blanket and chair, and go meet a friend in one of your favorite spots! Saratoga Springs has so many great things to offer!
  5. MAKE SOMEONE SMILE WITH AN UNEXPECTED GIFT! Even if you’re not comfortable gathering, Tailgate and Party has plenty of ways to make a friend smile! Drop off a “laugh-out-loud” gift… and you’ll even have a blast hunting for it!

Tailgate and Party is a new addition to Saratoga, and is the local source for “all the parts for the party”! The store carries a wide selection of board games, outdoor games, party supplies and paper goods, and unique gifts. Learn more about Tailgate and Party at http://www.tailgateandparty.com .

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