For centuries, people around the world have been sipping teas. Not only for their enjoyment, but to take advantage of their many amazing health benefits. In this week’s SCOOP, I chatted with Hayley Stevens, owner of Saratoga Tea and Honey Company of Saratoga Springs, NY, who shared six teas (herbal tisanes) that can be used to treat some of the most common ailments.

  1. FOCUS POCUS is a tasty caffeinated blend, great for focus and hormone balance.
  2. HAPPY HOUR gives you an overall calming effect, making it great for anxiety and stress relief.
  3. BABY BUMP is great for mothers-to-be (or new mothers) who want to strengthen their abdomen in preparation of childbirth.
  4. EXHALE is a naturally caffeine-free blend for people who want to get to bed easier.
  5. WILD TAIGA is a blend that is great sipped during flu season, for its anti-inflammatory properties and release for the respiratory tract.
  6. TUMMY TONIC is great for tummy troubles including ulcers, nausea, or indigestion.

Saratoga Tea and Honey Company was started 5 years ago in Saratoga Springs and has quickly become an upstate New York destination. From the extensive tea bar to the honey tasting room featuring honeys from around the world, it’s a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

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