“YOU MIX YOUR CRUST WITH A WHAT????” This week I SCOOPED with Jenna Smith and Katie Smith-Daino of Smith Orchard Bake Shop. The Smiths have been growing apples for almost a century, and last year ALONE, made and sold over 90,000 pies! (NOT A TYPO). The Smith’s pies have had a local cult following for decades, and it’s a name that I’m always hearing when people begin planning holiday meals. You can understand why they came to mind when looking for an apple pie expert! Here, the sisters share a few tips on what makes the perfect pie, and what they feel is the secret to their family’s success.

The Smith sisters have been working alongside their mother, owner Shelley Smith, for as long as they can remember. The shop, located on Jockey Street in Ballston Spa, sells a great selection of home baked pies, farm raised meats, and a variety of local produce. Pies can be ordered and picked up at the shop year-round (excluding Tuesdays), and are sold locally at Primal Your Local Butcher and Kings Dairy. More information about The Smith Orchard Bake Shop and their pie selections can be found at http://www.SmithsPieShop.com .

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