This week, I got to chat with Ashley Campbell, founder of Coral and Blue Paper Co. of Saratoga Springs, NY. If your household is anything like mine, the gift-giving season is always followed by a much longer “thank-you-note-writing” season, which isn’t nearly as fun for the kids.

In this video, Ashley shares three tips on taking the pain out of thank you note writing for kids! And, I actually tested them out this week and they worked like a charm.

TIP 1: KEEP IT FUN AND LIGHT! Don’t talk about it all day long! Simply put out the notes, some art supplies and encourage the kids to draw and participate! The kids will be much more happy to take part in an “art project”!

TIP 2: KEEP IT SIMPLE AND AGE APPROPRIATE! Have a casual conversation about what they received and then get writing! K-2nd graders can draw a picture and simply write one sentence, i.e. “Thank you for the _____”. When the children get to third grade, they can add an additional sentence, like “I can’t wait to use it!” Simple and sincere, Ashley says!

TIP 3: IMPERFECTION IS ADORABLE! When the recipient sees the effort, even with a few mistakes, it’s quite endearing. Don’t try to make it perfect!

Coral and Blue Stationery is sold locally at Northshire Bookstore and Paper Dolls in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY, and can also be purchased at .

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