Ever take a bunch of photos, look at them on your phone, and realize that there’s not even ONE that you like? I’m SCOOPING today with Rob Spring, owner of Rob Spring Photography, who’s going to share some tips on taking great photos with your phone.

MOVE IN CLOSE TO FILL THE FRAME. Although you can zoom in and crop the photo after the fact, you’ll always lose resolution. This often creates issues when enlarging photos to frame. You don’t want to see everything around them… you want to see your loved ones’ faces.

ADJUST THE BRIGHTNESS WHILE TAKING THE PHOTO: Rob Shows us how to do this on an iphone. While taking the photo, tap the subject to focus, and then slide the slider up and down to adjust the brightness of your subject. Using filters and adjusting brightness after the fact will often lead to grainy photos.

AVOID USING THE FLASH IF POSSIBLE. Before you resort to using the flash on your phone, look for a light source around you, like a table lamp or chandelier. They’ll always give you better results than using the flash on your camera.

USE POSITIONING TO LOOK YOUR BEST. Move your body away from the light, your chin towards the light, and pull your arms away from the body.

Rob Spring is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Saratoga Springs, NY. For more information on Rob Spring Photography and their wedding packages and portrait services available, click here.

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