With today’s market being so crazy, it’s tempting to want to slap on a “For Sale By Owner” sign and sell it on your own… but it’s simply not that easy. Today I SCOOPED with Carol Raike of Roohan Realty who shared some thoughts on how hiring an agent, even in today’s crazy market, ends up benefitting you in the end!

ONLY AGENTS HAVE ACCESS TO THE MLS SYSTEM. This opens up your listing to a local AND global pool of buyers, maximizing exposure of your listing.

MULTIPLE OFFER SITUATIONS GET TRICKY. And, are very common in today’s market! An agent will help you consider such factors such as the buyer’s lender, amount of money down, mortgage type and time frame. Evaluating all these factors without expert advice is overwhelming.

SMARTPHONE PHOTOS WON’T CUT IT. Professional photographers are part of Roohan’s marketing team and understand what angles and features are most attractive to buyers.

REALTORS® ARE TRAINED IN THE LOCAL MARKET AND LAWS. Their strict code of ethics are taken very seriously at Roohan Realty, and assure that your best interest is always in mind.

AGENTS KEEP SELLERS’ EMOTIONS IN CHECK. Selling your beloved home can be a very emotional experience, and having an agent advise you can help sellers make responsible decisions.

With over 50 years serving Saratoga Springs and the southern Adirondacks region, Roohan Realty is deeply committed to our local communities. Curious about what your home is worth in today’s market? Call (518) 587-4500 and a Roohan agent will be happy to provide you a personal home estimate.

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