Over the past few years, I’d see a friend who’s looking particularly fit and ask them “What have you been doing?” More times than not, they answer by saying that they’ve been going to Metabolic Saratoga. When they share that Metabolic Saratoga is “Group Personal Training”, I’m confused. And have to learn more.

Now more than ever, people are DONE with the at home workout, and are ready to get back to group fitness. In this SCOOP, Molly Mason, studio manager at Metabolic Saratoga shares a bit about what a metabolic workout is. “Strength training at a pace” is how she explains it. When you walk through the door of Metabolic Saratoga, expect to get a great workout in 45-50 minutes. Through use of weights, kettlebells and body weight, you’ll be doing traditional strength training with the added benefit of cardio.

What stands out most about the friends I see who do the metabolic workout is their strength and tone. Molly shares that they are always gauging success and progress at Metabolic. Through use of coach-assigned training blocks and indicator lifts, you are able to track your progress over the last 2 weeks, 4 months or even 3 years. The motto at Metabolic is “Stronger Everyday”, which they are surely living out.


When a client walks through the door, they are assigned a box with a designated weight selection for use in the specified workout. You may be assigned a 10 lb. weight, while the guy next to you may be using 100 lbs. for that same move. Each person’s workout is customized for them, and continuously more challenging. I am now understanding about how GROUP personal training actually works.

Anyone can try out a Metabolic workout to see group personal training is right for them. All you have to do is email If you like it, there are several membership options available, including a student rate, an 8-class pass, monthly membership, and an annual contract.

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