If your kids are anything like mine, the questions begin right out of the gate (no pun intended). “Will you buy me a _______”? Or… “Let’s go back to the playground!” Or the cringeworthy… “I’m bored!” So in an effort to help parents like me who don’t know a ton about horse racing and want to visit The Saratoga Race Course, I’ve asked a friend for some help. Dan De Federicis is the father of two young children, a horse lover and owner, and founder of The Saratoga Report, Saratoga’s one-stop news aggregator and info source for local news and NY horse racing. Together, we put together a printable scavenger hunt to keep the monsters busy and have fun with kids at the Saratoga Race Course.

Check out our video as we walk you through the scavenger hunt and share some of the ways that WE have fun with kids at The Saratoga Race Course! And don’t forget to print your scavenger hunt before YOUR day at the races! You just might learn something too!


Click this printable sheet scavenger checklist and map* and go find the fun!

*map from NYRA.com. For a full-colored facilities map, visit NYRA.com

ALL SADDLED UP! About 15 minutes before the race, head over to the paddock area and watch the racehorses get all saddled up!

TAKE A SIP FROM THE BIG RED SPRING! This spring was named after two famous horses, Secretariat and Man O’War. The spring is said to have healing powers. But warning… the taste is NOT for everyone!

LISTEN FOR THAT BELL! The bell was originally used before P.A. systems were invented! They’d wake up the trainers in the backstretch so they could head to the paddock to saddle up the horses!

BOOGIE DOWN WITH THE BANDS! We love watching the kids boogie down to one of the many amazing bands that play daily! And I just love when they’re joined by the amazing professional dancers!

GET A JOCKEY’S AUTOGRAPH! Catch the jockeys before the race as they head out of the locker room and to the paddock, and ask for their autograph! They just might be the next winner!

KIDS DISCOVERY PADDOCK! Pop into the National Racing Hall of Fame Kid’s Discovery Paddock! Here your kids can dress up in jockey silks, learn about horses and grab some coloring pages and crayons!

CATCH “SAM THE BUGLER” PLAY THE CALL TO POST! This means that all horses and jockeys will be heading over to the starting gate for race time! You can hear the call from just about anywhere on site, or watch him play in the winner’s circle! And… he’s been known to take requests between races!

BONUS: GET SLOPPY! If you check off all of the above and are feeling generous parents, treat your monsters to one of Shake Shack’s “Sloppy Tracks”! This tasty shake is EXCLUSIVE to the Saratoga Race Course Shake Shack only!

There are plenty of ways to have fun with kids at the Saratoga Race Course. Looking for other fun local day trips with kids? Be sure to check out our 5 favorite family friendly things to do with kids on Lake George!

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