I have SO many favorite parts of fall, which is by FAR my favorite season. Second to my obsession with boots is my obsession with warm apple-y desserts that send hypnotizing aromas through my house. Usually resulting in my four monsters finally closing down their computers and floating down the stairs like zombies. Apple crisp has ALWAYS been my favorite, and these days infusing a little “local love” into it makes it that much better. Local love in the form of Saratoga-sourced apples and ice cream delivered to my door from a local creamery. Watch while I whip it up in my kitchen, and that secret ingredient that makes it so good (see details below!)


There’s something about the process of peeling apples that forces you to step back and appreciate this time of year. Last week we picked up a few bags of apples from the Spa City Farmers Market that came from one of our favorite spots, Saratoga Apple. (Accompanied by, of course, their favorite cider doughnuts). Knowing that I was making an apple crisp this week, I made sure to add ice cream to this week’s Battenkill Valley Creamery milk delivery. The combination of Saratoga Apples and the absolutely amazing ice cream from Battenkill surely elevated the already amazing recipe.


For those who know me, I’m a HUGE Ina Garten fan. Her tried and true recipes, although not particularly healthy, are my go-to’s for entertaining and nailing those special occasion meals. Her Old Fashioned Apple Crisp recipe is my version of dessert perfection. Ina is known for adding that one surprise ingredient that uplevels the recipe (like the tarragon in her cult-favorite chicken salad). Here, it’s a little citrus zest. Just that tiny bit of orange and lemon cuts the sweet and truly elevates the recipe. I don’t have a lot of time to cook and bake these days, so when I do.. it BETTER be good. And if it’s from her, it always is.

We used honeycrisp because we just love them at home, and threw in a couple granny smiths for the tart factor. I am always varying my apples for baking, but try to stick with ones that don’t turn to mush when baked. These include honeycrisp, braeburn, pink lady, and granny smith… among others.


Now there are lots of things we disagree on in the Meyers house, but this continues to be a point of contention. When apple crisping or pie-a la moding… is it Battenkill vanilla or butter pecan? I personally feel that the butter pecan flavor was invented to top warm fruit desserts. But EVERY ONE of my boys disagree.

To that, I say two things: One, we can agree to disagree. And two, there’s more butter pecan for me.

Looking for slightly healthier food inspiration? Be sure to check out my 5-Minute Poké Bowl! And save the apple crisp for dessert!

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  1. This recipe has been my “go to” for years! I absolutely, love it. Time to make one this year. AND – Saratoga Apple cider donuts are my favorite – especially when you get them while they’re still warm. 🙂

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