The Scoop Saratoga is a weekly blog highlighting the knowledge and talents that the people, charities, and small businesses of Saratoga Springs, NY, bring to our community every day. Each week, you’ll walk away from your inbox and social media streams feeling just a little smarter about something. Imagine that.

These “tidbits of teaching” from local experts will both enlighten and entertain. We’ll be “scooping” about style, business, food, and everything in between. You’ll never know what tips this week’s Scoop will bring. You’ll just know it’s time to stop scrolling and get The Scoop.


Hi! I’m Ally. After working as an engineer for over a decade, I dedicated the next ten years to raising my four boys and working for our family business. In my free time, I began playing around with this thing called “blogging”. I’ve realized something quite surprising: I’m much more of a “creative” than a chemical engineer. In fact, I LOVE TO CREATE. And LEARN. And CONNECT. And SHARE. And I’ve also gained a tremendous appreciation for our amazing local community of Saratoga Springs. This next professional venture is dedicated to highlighting the greatness of our local community and sharing it in the fun and fresh way that it deserves. Welcome to the community.